ISA TE'RVINA LX Regenerating 2PCS Set


ISA TE’RVINA LX Regenerating 2PCS Set


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CHA Placeta Institute specializes in placenta research with original life science technology on placenta, an organ responsible for growth and survival of embryo.

Core ingredient 1. rHPP-8

rHPP-8, a cosmetics formula combining eight most effective placenta factors, stresngthens skin barrier, protects skin and provides nutrition to skin. Te’rvina LX contains double concentrated rHHP-8 which will bring about greater effect.

Core ingredient 2. rFPP-5

As an advanced ingredients based on LG skin science research center’s ceaseless research efforts on placeta and stem cell technology, rFPP-5, five combinant factors found in placenta stem cell culture fluid, gives strong vitality for beautiful skin.

Premium fragrance for noble people

Te’rvina LX delivers premium value suitable to the people who use it by applying premium fragrance using rose adsolute. Rose absolute is extracted from rose petals harvested by hands in the largest farm located in Turkish high reaches for three months and only 1 kg of rose absolute is obtained from 600kg of rose petals, which soon gives way to gentle musk note left on skin.

This special set contains:

– Te’rvina LX Regenerating Skin Softener 300mL

This skin softener feels moisturizing and carrying concentrated effective ingredients while applying soft. It gets absorbed fast, leaving skin intensively moisturized and returning skin to its natural balance.

– Te’rvina LX Regenerating Emulsion 150mL

This concentrated emulsion feels soft and rich when rolling on skin, and gets tightly absorbed into skin, leaving skin moisturized, soft, and firm.

– Te’rvina The Golden R Mask 3PCS x 3pcs

How to Use

After cleansing, dispense an appropriate amount of products onto the skin and evenly apply over the face in the morning and evening. Following the proper steps with included products.

Step 1: Te’rvina LX Regenerating Skin Softener

Step 2: Te’rvina LX Regenerating Emulsion

Te’rvina The Golden R Mask

After cleansing and balancing, take out the sheet mask and adjust to align with face shape. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Replace the mask and tap the excess for better absorbtion. *For oily skin, use clean tissue to wipe off the excess.


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