ISA KNOX Turn Over 28 True Cleansing Foam Special Set


ISA KNOX Turn Over 28 True Cleansing Foam Special Set

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Turn-over 28 Advanced True Cleansing Foam – Contains natural cellulose extract from bamboo stem, the cleansing foam washed off residue with powerful but clear cleansing powder. After wash, the foam doesn’t leave dry or tight feeling.

Turn Over 28 Advanced True Cleansing Cream – A cleansing cream that doubles as massage cream, that removes skin waste and makeup gently with its soft formula rich in oil.

A healthy turn-over cycle is usually known for 28 days, when dead skin start to be created and naturally falls off. When the turn-over cycle is not stable, dead skin piles up and causes dull and rough skin. This is also a cause of a variety of skin trouble.

As you get older, your skin gets aged, the turn-over cycle becomes slower.

For the genuine health of skin, more flawless and effective cleansing is required. Turn-over 28 Advanced Line will help through basic skin care so that your skin becomes healthier with daily care.

Containing Bambusa Arundinacea powder full of natural cellulose, the foam has sticky and thick texture. You can create a lot of foam only with a small amount.

Set Includes:

Turn Over 28 Advanced True Cleansing Foam 100ml
Turn Over 28 Advanced True Cleansing Cream 100ml

How to Use

Apply some cleansing foam on wet hand while washing face. Make enough foam and gently massage your skin. Rinse off with lukewarm water.


Isa Knox

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1 review for ISA KNOX Turn Over 28 True Cleansing Foam Special Set

  1. Pham lam

    Isa Knox is a popular brand in Korea so I decided to buy this cleanser because the price was reasonable. I was really surprised because the quality was quite nice. It cleaned my face nicely and smelled nicely. It also didn’t dry out my skin. Good price for cleansing foam set!

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